PIP CUPID is an integrated trading system. A program to run your trading and supervised by Our experienced traders. We offer profit sharing to our clients. PIP CUPID is all you need when it comes to run a trading. Especially if you are new to market, PIP CUPID is a solution. Rest your Brain, use PIP CUPID.
You will only need to pass us your trading account details after that we will change your trading account password (to prevent recopy our system) and your account will automatically copy trades made by the PIP CUPID.
Yes, you don't need any experiences as PIP CUPID will do the trading.
We will link your account to PIP CUPID trading system then your account will be automated trading. PIPCUPID will do profit sharing calculation based on the T&C agreed on, we will send you invoice to your client area every 2nd & 4th Saturday in a month.
If client does not want to pay as per T&C, we will unplug the account and client name will banned to use our services in the future.
We have 10 option broker that you can choose . If you already have broker account that is not in our list please contact us.
Yes, we have bonus and referral fee. Contact our Customer Service for further info.
We don’t charge anything if there is no profit using our system and we will only send you invoice of NET profits generated.
We do not limit or lock our clients, instead we work on commitment basis. We expect that our clients will commit to minimum 1 month period with initial balance and client will not withdraw capital below the initial capital level. If client withdraw below initial capital level, that would result in sudden spikes of Risk ratio and PIP CUPID bears no responsibilities on the trading losses.

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