Copy Trade & Trade Calls

You will only need to pass us your trading account details and your account will automatically copy trades made by the Master Account.
Normal trading account like yours which operated by a program developed by our experienced traders
Yes, you need no experiences as PIP CUPID will do the trading
Contact PIP CUPID Support for assistance
Monitor your account. Each position is set wit "Take Profit", "Take Profit & Stop Loss", "Stop Loss"
No. You're free to use your preferred Broker as long as fulfills the minimum balance and leverage requirements. But if you haven't any, check our recommended broker list
No. 100% of the profit is yours.
Yes, there is monthly referral fee. Contact our Customer Service for further info.
No. it is non-refundable, but you can always attach your account back to PIP CUPID before its expiry.
No. You're not allowed to do that because of the value difference
Yes. You can upgrade your Bot but not downgrade.
PIP CUPID won't charge you and will extend your subscription for your lost months, i.e. within your 12 months package you losses 2 months, your package will automatically extended to 14 months (12 + 2)
Please contact our Customer Service for assistance
Yes, off course. Contact our Customer Service for assistance

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