About Pipcupid


PIP CUPID is an integrated trading system. A program to run your trading and supervised by Our experienced traders. We offer profit sharing to our clients. PIP CUPID is all you need when it comes to run a trading. Especially if you are new to market, PIP CUPID is a solution. Rest your Brain, use PIP CUPID.


  1. No join fee. You can join us and start trading for free
  2. You can choose your preference broker. If you are not familiar with trading, you can choose one of our reference brokers , please contact our customer service.
  3. Our Profit Share is transparent. And if you have no profit you don’t have to share it with us
  4. Pip Cupid only do Profit Sharing every Saturday in week 2 & week 4 Every Month
    • a. 1000 - 4999 = 65% (Client) & 35% (Pip Cupid)
    • b. 5000 - 9999 = 70% (Client) & 30% (Pip Cupid)
    • c. 10000 - 19999 = 75% (Client) & 25% (Pip Cupid)
  5. We also have Referral program
    • a. You can get profit share from each direct referral (Contact Us for details)